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Debit-E is the only manufacturing company in Russia with 30 years of experience in manufacture and service maintenance of MDSA “Suleimanov Winch”.

MDSA – Automatic Well Dewaxing Mechanism – is the core product of Debit-E LLC.

MDSA allows to fully exclude well shutdown due to tubing lift supply reduction or shutoff because of asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposits*.

Automation, full service maintenance and remote control of MDSAs provide for substantial saving per asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposit cleaning job.

Smooth MDSA operation within the entire service life ensures stable results in cleaning of tubing from asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposits.

By choosing full MDSA service maintenance, the Customer receives daily professional and high-quality service by high-end professionals.

Using wellhead and ground-mounted versions of MDSAs, the Customer will be able to equip up to 100% stock of ESP, intermittent and gas-lift wells.

MDSA will make it possible to perform asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposit cleaning process regardless of weather, road and electricity availability.

*ARPD: asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposits