Wellhead catcher

Designed for gripping and holding, scrapers and logging tools

Wellhead tool catcher is placed at the top section of the downhole lubricator under the stuffing box. It locks a scraper or tool caught after wireline has broken in the lubricator using grips, and securely holds it in the lubricator until subsequent retrieval.

Wellhead catcher lubricator

It is used to close the wellhead during round-trip operations.

The wellhead catcher may be equipped with:

One sheave
Two sheaves
Wireline damper
Stuffing box

Pressure valve

Heated with thermal cover

Available production versions for tubing strings 60 / 73 / 89 for operating pressure of up to 35 MPa.

Stuffing box head

Designed for sealing lubricator whilst tripping during slickline well logging and dewaxing.

A top sheave of the lubricator can be fitted onto the body of the stuffing box.

The supplied stuffing-box packing is highly wear-resistant. It allows the wireline to be effectively cleaned from fluid without wellhead opening.


It is used as part of Automatic Well Dewaxing Mechanisms (MDSA) “Suleimanov Winch” and MDSA 3000 (4000) and other round-trip equipment for performing mechanical cleaning of tubing surfaces and geophysical logging.

Slickline per GOST 7372-79

Made in Russia.

HARMS GMBH stainless steel corrosion-resistant wire

Made in Germany.

Designed for corrosive environments in oil and gas wells with high content of hydrogen sulphide, chloride and carbon dioxide.